Vol. 4 (2015) – S(♀): Towards a Queer Badiouian Feminism


Katerina Kolozova – Pharmakos: A Body of Filth and a Site of Radically Novel Politics

Andrew Lee Bridges – Alain Badiou Visits Walden Two

Elisabeth Paquette – Alain Badiou and the Feminine: In Conversation with Julia Kristeva

Phillip Tschirhart – Communicating Solidarity: Theorizing a Coalitional Feminist Ethic of Love

Matthew Edward Harris – Conference Report. ‘St. Paul in Continental Philosophy,’ Staffordshire University, 6 June 2014

Kyoo Lee – A Musing with Alain Badiou à la ‘Dialogue Between a Chinese Philosopher and a French Philosopher,’ or, an Exercise in Self-Reference

Vol. 3 (2014) – Ethics (Purchase Print Copy)


Lorenzo Chiesa – The Body of Structural Dialectic: Badiou, Lacan, and the ‘Human Animal

Fabio Vighi – Dall’Evento al Sintomo. Badiou e l’Ontologia Lacaniana

Andrea Bardin, Sandro Pellarin & Diego Vicenzutto – Un_Ontologia della Rivoluzione. Badiou con (Deleuze, Lacan)

Pierpaolo Cesaroni – Etica e Filosofia in Badiou

Luigi Francesco Clemente – Etica del Reale: Kant e Badiou

Nicolò Fazioni – Tra Etica e Politica. Riflessioni Intorno ad Alcuni Scritti di Badiou

A. J. Bartlett – Refuse Become Subject: The Educational Ethic of Saint Paul

Giovanni Maria Mascaretti – ‘Dialettica In-Umana. Badiou Lettore di Hegel’

Michelle Kelley – ‘Keep Going!’ Cinema and Badiou’s Ethics of Truths

Katarina Peovic Vukovic – Badiou’s Ethics and the Free Software Revolution

Guilherme Vasconcelos Vilaça – Badiou’s Ethics: A Return to Ideal Theory

Alan O’Leary – Review of: Alain Badiou, Cinema, selection and foreword by Antoine de Baecque; trans. Susan Spitzer (Malden, MA & Cambridge, UK Polity, 2013)

Federico Simonetti – Review of: Démocratie, dans qual état (Paris La Fabrique, 2009)

Vol. 2 (2013) – Dialectic


Alain Badiou – Affirmative Dialectics: from Logic to Anthropology

Wenceslao Garcí Puchades – El doble entrecruzamiento de opuestos en la teoría dialéctica del sujeto de Alain Badiou

Andrew Ryder – Badiou_s Materialist Reinvention of the Kantian Subject

Daniel Sacilotto – Towards a Materialist Rationalism Plato, Hegel, Badiou

Luis Silva Barros – The Dialectics of Resurrection and the Fascist Hypothesis

Adi Efal – Remarks on the margins of Alain Badiou’s The Adventure of French Philosophy (Verso 2012)

Özden Sözalan – A Few Remarks on the Lessons of Gezi Uprising

Otávio Luiz Vieira Pinto – The Protests in Brazil; or How the Bus Fare Became Political Contradiction

Otávio Luiz Vieira Pinto – Os protestos no Brasil, ou Sobre como a passagem de ônibus revelou contradições

Vol. 1 (2012) – Badiou Now!


Simon Critchley – Why Badiou is a Rousseauist

Jacob Bellone – Indetermined: Slight Infinitude and Genetic Opening

Roque Farran – La ontología filosófica implícita en el pensamiento de Alain Badiou

Nicolò Fazioni – Real and Political: Badiou as a Reader of Lacan

Stéphan Vinolo – “Ces fantômes qui donc nous gouvernent”

Daryl Campbell – The Open-Source Revolution as a Badiouian Event

Lior Libman – Shadows over the Land Without Shade: Iconizing the Israeli Kibbutz in the 1950s, acting-out post Palestinian-Nakba Cultural Trauma

Leandro Garci Ponzo – El Ejercicio de la Permanencia

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