JBS 1 – 2012

Badiou Now!

The inaugural issue of the JBS revolves around the idea of ‘Badiou Now!’ Why? Because Badiou’s philosophical interest is fundamentally contemporary and political. The notion of Badiou Now! captures the urgency that Badiou sees in combating the ‘Thermidorian’ spirit, reactive and obscurantist subjects that deny the necessity of rupture, events, acts, new truths, who replace action with political apathy, and radical democracy with a return to ‘pure’ transcendental notions. In contrast to the Evental-negating/-denying subject, Badiou is concerned with the question of how to maintain fidelity to the event, while remaining aware of competing subjective forces and of the materialist dialectical need for endless events, for perpetual breaks and splits, which promote the present as future. The first issue, then, addresses the role of Badiou’s thought in building a twenty-first century conception of human organization.


Simon Critchley (New School for Social Research) – Why Badiou is a Rousseauist

Jacob Bellone (Independent Scholar) – Indetermined: Slight Infinitude and Genetic Opening

Daryl Campbell (Athabasca University, Alberta) – The Open-source Revolution as a Badiouian Event 

Roque Farrán (University of Córdoba) – La ontología filosófica implícita en el pensamiento de Alain Badiou

Nicolò Fazioni (University of Padova) – Real and Political: Badiou as a Reader of Lacan 

Lior Libman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) – Shadows over the Land Without Shade: Iconizing the Israeli Kibbutz in the 1950s, acting-out post Palestinian-Nakba Cultural Trauma

Leandro Garciá Ponzo (University of Córdoba) – El Ejercicio de la Permanencia

Stéphane Vinolo (Catholic Pontifical Institute of Ecuador) – Ces fantômes qui donc nous gouvernent

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