“Art lives upon discussion, upon experiment, upon curiosity, upon variety of attempt, upon the exchange of views and the comparison of standpoints” – Henry James, The Future of the Novel

The Journal of Badiou Studies is a multi-lingual, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the philosophy and thought of and surrounding the philosopher, playwright, novelist and poet Alain Badiou. JBS is dedicated to radically original, critical and challenging arguments that directly engage with the conditions and circumstances of Badiou’s thought. We aim to identify pertinent intellectual discourses, ideas, historiographies and concepts, and seek articles that situate these theories within emerging events in politics, science, art and love. Book reviews, reports of related activities and experimental texts are also warmly welcome.

JBS is especially concerned with maintaining a fidelity to Badiou’s thinking without collapsing into hagiography or celebrity fetishism. This is why we encourage works that actively critique Badiou’s philosophy and his currency as an established philosophical figure. This engaging approach is warmly embraced by Badiou himself, a member of our board of editors. Our board comprises international scholars who are representative of our pioneering approach to research in the field, which is both radical and widely interdisciplinary.

The aim of JBS is to develop a clear and transparent site for scholars interested in Badiou’s ideas to come together, share research, and engage in productive dialogue. In keeping with this aim, we publish articles in multiple languages. We believe that the unification of academic and intellectual activity into one ‘lingua franca’ is counter-productive to originality and true representation.

JBS is peer-reviewed and entirely free, no-fees open-access, and has been since its foundation at the University of Leeds (UK) in 2012. This is true for all JBS publications and events. This commitment to the radically free exchange of ideas can lead down beautiful and unexpected paths, opening up alternative modes of thought, as well as it can warrant attempts at destructive discourse. JBS defends the fidelity and integrity of creative experimentation where ever that path may lead.

JBS ISSN 2049-9027

General Directors:

Michael J. Kelly (SUNY Binghamton)        Arthur Rose (Durham)



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