JBS 2, 2013


You could almost say my entire enterprise is one giant confrontation [démêlé] with the dialectic. – Alain Badiou

JBS 2 is dedicated to the dialectic. The contributors address a number of issues and problems including exploring, primarily, the consequences of the dialectic for Badiou’s thought and the consequences of Badiou’s thought on dialectics. The essays interrogate the dialectic in Badiou’s thought and the implications of this thinking to disciplines across the humanities and the sciences.


Alain Badiou (European Graduate School) – Affirmative Dialectics: from Logic to Anthropology

Luis Silva Barros (Independent Scholar) – The Dialectics of Resurrection and the Fascist Hypothesis 

Adi Efal (University of Cologne) – Remarks on the margins of Alain Badiou’s, The Adventure of French Philosophy (Verso 2012) (L’aventure de la philosophie française depuis les années 1960, La fabrique éditions 2012

Wenceslao García Puchades (University of Valencia) – El doble entrecruzamiento de opuestos en la teoría dialéctica del sujeto de Alain Badiou

Andrew Ryder (Highline College, Seattle) – Badiou’s Materialist Reinvention of the Kantian Subject

Daniel Sacilotto (UCLA) – Towards a Materialist Rationalism: Plato, Hegel, Badiou 

Otávio Luiz Vieira Pinto (Leeds) – The protests in Brazil; or How the bus fare became political contradiction (Os protestos no Brasil, ou Sobre como a passagem de ônibus revelou contradições)


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